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Non-fiction and corporate videos

Non-fiction and corporate videos created for a variety of clients. Videos include company overviews, testimonials, how to DIY projects, and commercials.

Spartan Core Class

If you want to look the way you've always wanted to look and train the way you've always wanted to train, you have to have proper core development.

Core development is critical for you to have the body you've always wanted, and for you to be able to perform at a high level in your training. The "Core" is comprised of the glutes, hips, and ab muscles. Spartan Core Class alternates between intervals of cardio training like running, rowing and cycling with intervals of core training exercises based on Pilates, yoga, as well as traditional abdominal exercises. Core strength is the foundation of any sound fitness program. If you're ready to look amazing and BE amazing, the Spartan Core Class is a sure way to accelerate your success story.

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