Damien Maass Wedding Films

We specialize in cinematic wedding films. Our goal is to capture your special day and let the beautiful images tell the story of that wonderful event. We do this in a style that is comfortable for you, non-intrusive and delivered in crystal clear High Definition. 239-292-5725 DamienMaass.com

  1. Kim & David - Washington Duke Inn Wedding

    Perfect wedding day in early December for Kim & David at the Washington Duke Inn. We were thrilled to be a part of it and provide the cinematography! damienmaassfilms.com

    Music licensed through SongFreedom

  2. Amanda & Adam - Angus Barn Wedding

    New Years Eve wedding and it was awesome!!
    Cinematography by Damien Maass & Patrick T. McCaully
    Edited by Damien Maass
    Music licensed through Art-list

  3. Rachel & David - Inner Harbor Baltimore Wedding

    Awesome wedding weekend with Rachel & David. Family & friends came from all over the country to the Baltimore Marriott Waterfront Hotel to celebrate. Enjoy this short look at their wedding day! damienmaassfilms.com

    Cinematography by Damien Maass & Joseph Williams
    Edited by Damien Maass
    "Shimmer" Dream City Orchestra / licensed through Songfreedom

  4. Scott & Kelly - Charlottesville, VA Wedding

    Just a really fun couple we had the pleasure to work with! The wedding ceremony was held at the UVA Chapel & the reception at King Family Vineyards. Amazing views at the vineyard!! Enjoy this short look at Scott & Kelly's amazing wedding day!

    Cinematography by Damien Maass & Joseph Williams
    Edited by Damien Maass
    Music licensed through the Music Bed

  5. Elizabeth & Jason - Haywood Hall Raleigh, NC

    Just an incredible day for a wedding in Raleigh, NC. Elizabeth & Jason were married a short walk from the State Capitol building at Haywood Hall which was built over 200 years ago and is just beautiful. It was a very hot and sunny day but the trees overhanging the property kept us in the shade. Enjoy this short look at their amazing wedding day! damienmaass.com or damienmaassfilms.com

    Shot by Damien Maass & Kevin Alexander
    Edited by Damien Maass
    Music licensed through SongFreedom

  6. Nancy & Marcos - Oaks at Salem Wedding

    Nancy & Marcos were married on September 6, 2015 at The Oaks at Salem in Apex, NC. It was an amazing day with folks from all over the world on the guest list. It's always a pleasure working with The Oaks. This was a DJ & Video event for us and we were thrilled to be a part of it. This is a short look at what is coming soon! DJRaleighDurham.com