Lenten Study 2017 - Dare To Dream

These videos accompany the Dare to Dream Lenten study for 2017, based on the book of the same name by Mike Slaughter, lead pastor at Ginghamsburg UMC in Ohio. Chapters include:

– 1. Dreaming the Dream – Wake up to God’s dream inside you. - Rev. Randy Cross
– 2. Discovering Your Birthright – You were created with a purpose. - Rev. Roger Spahr
– 3. Your Burning Bush – Be aware of those illuminating God moments in your life. - Rev. Kevin Kloster
– 4. Lose Your Big Buts – Allow God’s strength to be displayed in your weakness. - Rev. Kermit Culver
– 5. What Is in Your Hand – Identify and utilize the ordinary gifts God has given you. -Rev. Ben Ingebretson
– 6. Perseverance – Discover a dream for your life far greater than your own. - Rev. Rebecca Trefz