Higher Ground - Soul Fill-up

Lin Van Hofwegen, Shawn Culey, and Susan Reese present a devotional Soul Fill-up each week to refuel and refill your ministry, your soul, and your perspective. For more information, see dakotasumc.org/leadership-development/higher-ground .

Higher Ground Soul Fill-up - May 27

For several weeks in 2020, clergy have joined us for Soul Fill-up. This is a time to stop, relax, and worship with your colleagues. It is a devotion created especially for you by the Higher Ground spiritual directors. The response has been great and we give thanks for your participation. We will continue these sessions on Wednesday, June 17, 2020, so mark your calendar and take a moment to breathe, be still, and feel how much we care about you. Let us pour back into you and refill your tank.

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