Cross-Cultural Communion in a Postmodern World

April 9, 2014
DePaul University

Daniel Groody, CSC
~ Executive Producer, Dying to Live: A Migrant's Journey
~ Director, Center for Latino Spirituality & Culture, University of Notre Dame

Gioacchino Campese, CS
~ Author, "The Way of the Cross of the Migrant Jesus"
~ Adjunct Professor/Researcher, Scalabrini International Migration Institute, Pontifical Urbaniana University (Rome)

Daniel Groody's part of the presentation, "Migration & Eucharist: Moving Towards Communion," offers a new imagination around the complex and controversial issue of migration. He notes that over 212 million are on the move around the world and with that movement come unprecedented changes in culture, communities & Churches. He looks at migration through the prism of the Eucharist & explores ways that not only create connections across borders but also foster new understandings of communion & new possibilities for human solidarity.

Gioacchino Campese's talk, "'One Does Not Live by Bread Alone...' Theologies of Migration in the 21st Century," focuses on a review of the theologies of migration, particularly in the English-speaking world in the 21st century. It shows that one of the main themes that emerges from these reflections is cross-cultural relationship on equal terms as a vital practical Christian dimension in the age of human mobility.

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