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Dani Miranda & Gabriela Cordovez

Dani Miranda and Gabriela Cordovez Performance Portfolio

Coisa não Nascida

Project research at AADK - Spain
under the curation of Helena Azedini and Abraham Hurtado

concept and performance

Gabriela Cordovez & Dani Paiva de Miranda

Agatha Lewandoski

Coisa não Nascida at AADK
was investigating durational performances practices on the streets of Blanca and later bringing the experience into the residency space, Centro Negra.
For one and a half the artists related to objects, histories, images and sensations on the streets throw phenomenological practices, mainly Deriva techniques. They build descolonial and horizontal relation with the others spacetimes they met and later they brought objects found on the streets of Blanca to Centro Negra.
Understanding that "what we consume produce space" & " How we discard produces space"

so, consumption and discard as spacial production.

later at Centro Negra, the dancers build durational performances with the objects, proposing horizontal relations, deformation, affection and ephemeral sculptures where objects and humans were saw as one a continuation of the other, erasing the difference "self-other".

Agatha Lewandoski collaborated with Gabriela and Dani by live deforming sounds collected from street markets and creating a soundscape that gave voice to all objects on the Performative space.

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