What is Web3

Learn all about how Web3, the blockchain, Bitcoin, and Ethereum are changing the way we use cryptocurrency and the World Wide Web. Watch these Web 3 tutorials to see where this technology is going and what it can do. This Web 3 guide will introduce you to everything you need to know.

Web3 Beginners Guide and Tutorial - The Future is Web 3.0, Blockchain, and Decentralized Web

Watch the Web3 Beginners guide to blockchain and decentralized web concepts. This simple explanation of Web 3.0 will give you the knowledge necessary to understand the next progression of the internet.

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Web3 is booming and there`s no stopping this. It`s not a new technology, but at the moment it`s reaching the large numbers. It`s the next major technology in web development. Opportunities for employment in the web3 field are growing every day. There is high demanded for developers of blockchain, Web3 designers, along with other related jobs in web3. There are numerous jobs and opportunities in web3 and it will rise in the future.

For a beginner starting in the web3 development field, it can be hard to understand some concepts and terms.

Let`s look at the meaning of these two terms: Web2 and Web3.

Web2 is the second revolution in the internet. It is the time where the number of content creators on the web has increased. Previously, Web1 was mostly end-user-oriented. It was primarily used for consumption of information.

Web2 began with the advent of social media that allowed users to create content online. This has led to the popularity of the content creator on the internet and eventually becoming a well-known celebrity. The creator and the consumer develop.

Web2 is also known for centralizing data. Big corporations typically control all the data in the world. One corporation owns multiple companies to acquire different information from different sources. This was one of the issues for the internet2 and caused the revolution that is now taking place on the internet.

Web3 is regarded as to be the next major revolution in the internet. Web3 refers to the centralization of information through blockchain-based applications, as well as the use of tokens for economics. The term "Web3" was coined in 2014 by Ethereum co-founder Gavin Wood. It is only gaining popularity in recent years due to the abundance of resources and platforms available to create the blockchain-based application.

Community is building in recent years for learning and development. There are new ideas for startups based on web3. Companies are building tools that help the development process. There are grants available to web3 projects

Blockchain is a non-modifiable ledger system that keeps track of the transaction. It is shared across the node i.e, the computer participating on the internet.

The blockchain was first popularized by one person (or group of individuals) with the assumed pseudonymous name of Satoshi Nakamoto in 2008. Blockchain solved the issue that data was distributed across the world via Web2. As the data is shared among the different nodes, there is no any one person or company having all the data.

Web3 Applications are founded on blockchain concept. Bitcoin is a case study of blockchain. It is a ledger system for payment however it is also a platform to conduct any type of data transaction. There are a variety of networks based on blockchain such as Ethereum, Polygon, Solona, Avalanche, and other.

Dapp or Decentalized application are applications that make use of smart contract, which is based on blockchain netwrok for its functioning.

Dapp (Decentralized application) is the same app that is a web application but that only extends smart contracts. It is possible to divide the Dapp into the following sections:

This is as it is when it comes to web design. You must build your front-end with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. You can use any framework such as React, NextJS, or any other framework.

The backend can be used to interact with the smart contract running over the network. You can integrate this feature into your frontend as well, but segregating the backend from the frontend will allow you to control the app with ease.

Smart Contract will be deployed on the blockchain network. Our application will communicate with it for the functioning of the application.

NFT Marketplace is an example of a dApp. That`s pretty much the basic design and structure needed for the creation of an dApp.

Smart contracts are computer-generated programs that are non-modifiable once deployed, and automatically executed according to the requirements that it are met.

In simple terms, smart contracts are computer programs that are written in a programming language. These are non-changeable i.e they can`t be modified after they have been deployed. This contract has functions within it, that can be called and executed at any time. It can be automatically executed by defining it in a particular manner. Smart Contracts form the backbone of dApp.

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