RSS Masher Technology Review

In this RSS Masher Technology Review you will see why this is the best automated content marketing software tool. Easily create content for your blogs and social media accounts.

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RSS Masher Technology Review - Best Automated Content Marketing Tool

Watch our RSS Masher Technology Review to see why it is the best automated content marketing tool to use in 2023. Get RSS Masher Technology Visit: ✅:

What is RSS Masher Technology?

The software was developed by Wayne Atkinson and Damon Nelson, RSS Masher is a revolutionary program that is designed to streamline the process of creating content. Proficient auto-blogging accomplished in just only a few steps with RSS Masher. This software is set-and-forget and lets users to create and manage huge news sites without having to design new content. Up-to-date and fashionable content is always just only a few clicks away you.

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Apart from being an application for creating content, RSS Masher lets you create backlinks that will improve the ranking of your website. It's an excellent time-saver since once you have set the software up, it'll be making and posting content to your website without having to be involved.

You can include your own anchor text to any feed of news and money hooks. All you have to do is set up posts and then add links to social networks.

Features and Benefits of RSS Masher Technology

Fresh Content
You can anticipate an automatic daily stream of fresh content from any social media platform you want using RSS Masher. You'll be curating content from the most well-known RSS feeds as well as niche websites. This means that all content posted to these feeds that pertinent to your particular niche will be automatically curated, and scheduled to be published on your website and/or social media profiles as well.

System of Set-and-forget
RSS Masher has a scheduling feature. BUILD, RESEARCH and Schedule comprise three of the "ready set go" combo of RSS Masher. The only thing you need to do is research the news and niche websites feeds that you want to obtain content from, and then set the rules for taking information.

Ultimate Backlink builder
Include various social media accounts to RSS Masher so that the system can publish posts to them using an url to your latest article. This will allow you to build high-quality backlinks that make you look trustworthy to Google.

Are you looking to establish internal links to your site or even connect to external websites? This is easy using this feature. All you need do is select the words you would like to hyperlink to in your posts as well as the URL for the destination. When these words are mentioned in your article, they instantly hyperlinked using RSS Masher technology.

post scheduler
The post scheduler is your virtual employee working all day, every day for your company and is paid no salary. With the RSS Masher post scheduler, you can set the time period for publishing content. You can also set the number of articles to be posted on your website within a day, as well as the time before publishing each one.

YouTube Feed Importer
RSS Masher also sources content from YouTube. If you find the YouTube channel that is a source of interesting videos that fit your specific niche, you can transform it into the format of an RSS feed. When new content is uploaded to YouTube, the feature will create video auto-blogs you can use to bring visitors to your site.

Swap featured images

Utilizing images you don't own rights to could cause your website to be punished, and that's why RSS Masher is offering an auto swap feature or an insert feature that allows you to insert your images in the curated content you share on your website. Images can be downloaded from searchable platforms like Pixabay or Google Image Search.

Simplified code extraction
The software allows you to replace or remove parts of the article with your own text.

Google Sheets to RSS Feed
You may have come across relevant content that's appropriate for your target readers, but it's located on a platform that does not include the RSS Feed.

Built-In RSS Niches:

This program has more than 48 already-built Niches, with over 300 feeds. You don't have to spend a second searching for your very first RSS feed.

In order to allow you to create original content you can publish on your website, RSS Masher provides a Spin Re-Writer feature that allows users to spin articles. You can create distinctive, read-able articles in only a couple of clicks.

Keyword Filtering that is Powerful:

Input positive and negative keywords that the system will be able to work against which allows you to precisely narrow down any RSS Feed that you choose to use.

Within an hour of installing RSS Masher, the software will provide you with a constant stream of popular news feeds in your own text, along as well as countless other sharing options.