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SNCC Anniversary Conferences and SLP Events

Videos from the 40th,
50th, and 60th Anniversary Conferences of The Student Nonviolent
Coordinating Committee (SNCC)

50th-8 Up South - We Raised Money We Raised Hell. 82min.

Mike Miller (Bay Area Friends of SNCC)
William Strickland (Northern Student Movement)
Fannie Rushing (Chicago Friends of SNCC)
Betita (Liz) Sutherland Martinez (New York Friends of SNCC)
D'Army Bailey (Student Activist, Louisiana Sit-In Movement)
Julie Poussaint (New York Friends of SNCC)

This panel explores the evolution of SNCC organizing that took place above the Mason-Dixon line. Panelists discuss how support groups originally formed to provide money and other assistance for the Southern movement found themselves increasingly involved in local protests and political struggles. Panelist William Strickland outlines the Northern Student Movement's deepening involvement from fundraising to community organizing.

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