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SNCC Anniversary Conferences and SLP Events

Videos from the 40th,
50th, and 60th Anniversary Conferences of The Student Nonviolent
Coordinating Committee (SNCC)

50th-9 More than a Hamburger. 90min.

Courtland Cox (SNCC Program Secretary)
Gwen Patton (SNCC Field Secretary)
Frank Smith (SNCC Field Secretary)
Ed Brown (SNCC Field Secretary)
Leah Wise (SNCC Volunteer)
Kathleen Cleaver (SNCC Campus Travel Program Secretary and Black Panther Party)
Professor Doris Dozier Crenshaw (SNCC SCLC Alabama)

At SNCC's 1960 founding conference, Ella Baker encouraged the students to recognize that their struggle was "bigger than a hamburger" in reference to the original narrow goals of desegregating lunch counters. As the students’ consciousness deepened, SNCC took on broader issues of civil liberties, red baiting, the Vietnam War, women's issues, and in a large way embraced struggles for liberation and empowerment around the world. The panel begins with a discussion on the evolution of SNCC’s organizing goals and concludes with a conversation on the need to stay engaged in contemporary political struggles.

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