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Youth Cinema Collective

The Creative Action Youth Cinema Collective is a group of diverse teen filmmakers from across Austin who gather to make films about their communities. YCC partners with other community stakeholders to make gripping and compelling cinema about the real issues young people face in their lives. YCC films have appeared at the Austin Film Festival, the Do It Your Damn Self Film Festival, and the San Marcos Film Festival. YCC is a part of Creative Action, whose mission is to spark and support the artistic, social, and emotional development of young people in Austin.

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TIME: 3 Short Films About Change

Creative Action presents the debut work of their newest teen program, the Youth Cinema Collective. In partnership with the Alamo Drafthouse, YCC students create works of original cinema that address important issues in their communities with a mission of increasing the visibility of under-represented groups in media.

"TIME" is a collection of 3 short films, written and produced by different members of the collective. Through conversations with the past, each film explores the change Austin has undergone and how it has affected the world, positively and negatively.

For more information about the Youth Cinema Collective, contact Artistic Director Marcelo Teson at

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