cl-051 | Monoiz - Blurs a/v


The videos of the release contain sequences of flashing lights which may affect people who are susceptible to photosensitive epilepsy or other photo sensitives.

Release Info:
A clash between what is real and what is abstract, what is digital and what is analog, Monoiz’s most recent endeavor is a full audio-visual release encompassing the nuances found between these realms.

Both music and video are handled with this duality in mind. The soundscapes were created with analog equipment, aided by digital synths to create that perfect balance between warmth and chilliness, resulting in abstract rhythms and prolonged synth textures, leaving you in a state of trance and contemplation.

The visuals are comprised of fragments of our world, captured during Monoiz’s travels with a small camera, all mangled later with Quartz Composer and other digital techniques, solidifying the core ideas presented with this release. (F.G.)


Download the audio release: