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Out Of The Wild

A promotional video about Manuka Health’s medical grade manuka honey aimed at its international market. We chose to do this, not by showing the hi-tech extraction and bottling system they use, but by having a small doco crew spending a day with the beekeeper visiting the sites of some of the 2500 hives dotted for hectares amongst pretty much nothing but manuka in the Wairarapa hills.

White manuka flower as far as the eye can see is a glorious sight and capturing the beauty of this unique landscape, as well as the passion Peter and his team have for what they do, was what we were there for. It was also a pleasant change to have the beauty of the pictures as the priority in communicating the company's message and so recognition must be given to Richard Parsonson’s great work with the camera.”

Once again, having a client with the confidence to run with an idea and approach that was outside their comfort zone has resulted in not only a lovely piece of award-winning communication but also a sales tool which stands out for it’s point of difference.

Awarded a "Stevie" in the Video:Sales category at the 2010 International Business Awards, and Gold Reel in the same category of the Media Communications Association International's annual media festival in the same year.