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A Day in the Life- Category Manager, Warehouse Stationery

The brief for Warehouse Stationery’s new Careers website videos was to profiling different careers at the company. After watching the videos, candidates would have a clear understanding of the careers opportunities available at the company and feel excited about the prospect of working for such a vibrant business.

‘’We have had excellent feedback, both internally and externally about this video. People were immersed in the ‘day in the life’ of the role, they had a sense of the pace and interactions in the role and felt a connection to the role you can only have by being in it,” says Leslie Taylor, Employment Brand Manager, The Warehouse Group.

Awarded a Silver Reel in the External Communications category at the 2013 Media Communications Association- International Media Festival in Las Vegas. The MCA-I Golden Reels is the longest running peer reviewed non-broadcast video festival in the world and celebrates excellence in media communications.