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AICP Sponsor Reel 2015

Corgan MediaLab was given a unique opportunity to create the sponsor reel for the Association of Independent Commercial Producers (AICP) Southwest regional award show. The AICP show celebrates the crème de la crème of commercial content for the year. Considering the illustrious group of sponsors associated with the show, we needed a concept that was polished, inspiring, and most importantly original. With that in mind, the MediaLab weaved the sponsor logos into the light-hearted tale of a little boy’s afterhours adventure through an aviation museum. The final piece utilizes a mixture of creatively placed visual effects, with the sponsor logos incorporated into the existing set pieces via post production design.


Boy: Connor Terry
Artist: Grayson Berry
Mustache/Security Guard: Jeff Hoferer
Extras: Anna Terry, Linda Joseph, Jason Anderson, Colin Stanley

Director: Brandon Carmichael
VFX Director: Ludovick Michaud
Producer: Rick Zessar, Linda Leftin, & Dani Wheeler
Director of Photography: Luke Boney
2nd Unit Director: John Higgs
Editor & 2nd DP: Justin Ransom
Art Director & Storyboards: Steve Quentin
Lighting/Compositing Supervisor: Jason Anderson
Lighting/Compositing: Brian Clark, Bekah Shamsa
Layout & FX Supervisor: Eric Craft
FX: Lee Johnson
Modeling: Kai Webb & James Homrighausen
Animation: Chris Cantero
Camera Assistant: Alexandra Brit
Grip: Matt Ochs
Assistant Editor: Jigna Vora & Charles Willis
Technical Supervisor: Colin Stanley
Technical Artist: Miles Majefski
VFX Support Services: BotVFX
Music & Sound Design: BREED
Grip, Lighting, & Camera Equipment provided by MPS Studios
Locations: Frontiers of Flight Museum, Corgan, & The Gibson Company Incorporated

Special Thanks to:
Jake McEntire
Pamela Devenport
Jason Walter Vaile
Wing Aero Products
Byron Fitts
Anne-Marie Evans
Joe from the Museum

Special Thanks to all the AICP Southwest Region 2015 Sponsors:
The Department
Nametag Films
Pure Evil
Lucky 21
Lucky Post
Post Op
Republic Editorial
Treehouse / Filmworkers Club
Motion Academy
TM Advertising
Gossip Company, The
Dallas Film Commission
Kim Dawson
Motion: Content
Post Asylum
Rock House Films
Texas Film Commission
YesGo Productions
Element X Creative