Off Orbit

OFF ORBIT invites viewers into the company of astronomy & space scientists, educators, technicians, historians, planners, students, hobbyists, and other enthusiastic adventurers who push to explore in the distance, stretching beyond the familiar for new knowledge and new worlds. Spend the evening in a professional observatory, watch planets forming, discover oceans around Jupiter, design the first real lunar village, snap photos through a gravity lens, use the Moon as a compass, tell time by the stars, hold the original books that revealed our universe, and link history to our future of space exploration.

It’s time again to reach out, to know more of what’s yet to be known. It’s a big universe, so join us to explore in the distance… join us as we go Off Orbit! Produced by CookStudios.TV. More info at OffOrbit.TV.

ORB101 Solar Imaging with Greg Piepol (8:25)

Greg Piepol of doesn't wait for dark to break out the telescopes, but reveals that one of the most spectacular objects in our sky is right in front of us every day. Join an experienced solar imager on his backyard observing run and see what strange and beautiful images are there waiting, in a bit of nature you may not have ever experienced.

First, greetings from Geoff Chester of the United States Naval Observatory, prepping what was once the largest refracting telescope in the world. The gorgeous 26" Clark refractor was used to discover the moons of Mars, and now supports the official naval, aeronautical and astronomical almanacs, and carries out the most extensive multiple star studies from the heart of Washington, DC.

Now in HD. Produced by CookStudios.TV. More info at OffOrbit.TV.

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