1. Stella's Voice

    This is a 6 minute clip of documentary footage we produced in Moldova in Eastern Europe about the horrific problem that sex trafficking is and one ministry's plan for making a difference.

    stellasvoice.org / 1-888-777-8913

  2. Salvation Army- Thrift Store

  3. The Jesus Film Media Mobile App Promo

  4. As1.org

    2:30min Promo Video produced and edited by Cooke Pictures

    For more information visit: as1.org

  5. Death - Fern

    4min Short-Format Documentary

  6. Narnia/ Operation Christmas Child Promotion

    Cut for Grace Hill Media/ Walden Media
    Trailer provided by Walden Media.

    Cross promotion with The Chronicles of Narnia The Voyage of The Dawn Treader/ Operation Christmas Child.