Conservation International Field Chronicles

These are in depth stories of CI Field Successes, each an example of a way forward to tackling the world's difficult environmental challenges.  These 8 to 20 minute films, were produced through the Sony & CI Visual Storytelling Alliance.

Guyana's Green Gold - Keeping Forests Standing (w/ Intro)

Can you actually make money from keeping forests standing? Guyana is showing the world how it can be done. Thanks to a generous investment by Norway, Guyana is protecting its valuable forests through its Low Carbon Development Strategy. Guyana's president, Donald Ramotar and former president Bharrat Jagdeo talk about how this strategy is benefiting people throughout Guyana. Conservation International has been working with the government and local communities to advance this strategy for a prosperous, green future.

A CI Studios Production
Peter Stonier, John Martin, Becca Field + Sebastian Perry