Kenny Q Productions

Kenny Q Productions is a leading Connecticut Based Entertainment Company that provides Emcees, Disc Jockeys, Musicians, Videography, Action Photography and Theatrical Lighting for all events

  1. Jason & Lydia's Wedding Reception - Villa Bianca, Seymour, CT

    Jason & Lydia have been to various wedding receptions that lacked interactive fun. They wanted to make sure that their entertainment was Fun, Understanding and Engaging. After meeting with various DJ Companies, they decided to hire Kenny Q Productions because of Kenny Q's natural Energy, Enthusiasm and Interest in customizing Jason & Lydia's wedding day according to their desires.

    For this celebration, Kenny Q Productions provided:

    An Emcee: "Kenny Q", who helped plan all of the events weeks in advance and coordinated details on the day of their wedding.

    A Disc Jockey: "DJ Kenedi", who works well with the Emcee, understands mixing various music genres and plays song requests.

    A Photography/Videography assistant: "Brittany" who video recorded the ceremony and captured over 400 action photos.

    Extra Lighting: Theatrical lighting was provided to enhance the elegance of the room.

    Kenny Q was able to post 200 photos in Facebook within 12 hours after Jason & Lydia's wedding reception. Kenny Q also posted this video on Facebook for their friends to enjoy.

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  2. Jason & Lydia Photo Montage

    This is footage from a DVD that Kenny Q made for Jason and Lydia's wedding reception. Their guests were able to view this photo montage on a large TV during the entire wedding reception. - Kenny Q

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  3. Sarah's Bat Mitzvah Celebration with Kenny Q Productions

    This video is from Sarah's Bat Mitzvah Celebration.
    Sarah and her parents saw Kenny Q and his team perform at a Bar/Bat Mitzvah showcase. They liked their energy and style so much that they decided to book them even though they had another DJ company booked.
    You can read about their experience by clicking on this link:

    For this celebration, Kenny Q provided:

    An Emcee: "Kenny Q" who's personality, energy and style helped motivate guests of all ages. He spent several hours ahead of time with Sarah's family to plan all of the details. These meetings were at the comfort of their home and at the venue of the celebration.

    A Disc Jockey: DJ Kenedi" at the age of 13, Kenedi already performed in close to 100 events by the time of this celebration. He understood the music of the people his own age as well as their parents. Click here to see DJ Kenedi's Website:

    3 Dance motivators: Kenny Q's team are have the personality to engage kids in dance and game playing. Two of them are dance instructors in a school.

    1 Videographer: Kenny Q had 3 video cameras displaying the activities on 2 large screen TVs. He also had 1 videographer recording the action around the room.

    Green Screen Photos: The guests captured photos of themselves in front of a green backdrop. Kenny Q's team assembled the photos and gave out unlimited 5X7 photos with a custom background in a frame.

    Games: Custom Triva, Guitar Hero, Dance Dance Revolution, Hula Hoops and more were provided by Kenny Q Productions.

    Lighting: Kenny Q provided lighting wich enhanced the look of the room.

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  4. In Action: Sarah's Bat Mitzvah Celebration with Kenny Q Productions

    This video shows Kenny Q Productions live and in action at Sarah's Bat Mitzvah Celebration.
    You can see how Kenny Q and his team interact and entertain guests of all ages using Energy, Enthusiasm and Professionalism.

    This video also shows how much Kenny Q Productions love their work.

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