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  1. Advocate Videos - In the Field - Complementary Interventions

    In the countries that Compassion serves, there are sometime events that tale place that are beyond Compassion's child sponsorship funds. Complementary interventions aid in these types of cases.

  2. How Compassion's Complementary Intervention Program Works

    This video contains broll footage of Compassion's programs that help children receive vital and basic health care, access to clean water, and mosquito nets to prevent malaria.

  3. CIV AIDS - Thank You

  4. CIV Gifts - Thank You!

  5. CIV Highly Vulnerable Children - Thank You

  6. Water of Life - Philemone

    This video tells the story of a day in the life of Philemone in Haiti, who became very sick from drinking cholera-infested water. While the water she drinks today is still infested, her family has a filtration system provided to them by Compassion International in partnership with her local church, that cleans the water making it safe to drink.

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