Interview Style Videos

These videos were created from interviews. Each of them is very different. they vary in content from sales videos to corporate communications and a legal mediation video in a dramatic documentary style. The interviews were conducted by the Director, Mike Weber. Keeping the production very relaxed and low key, with minimal crew we make sure each person was at ease and natural as possible.

All were shot in in Ultra HD on the RED Digital Cinema Camera which gives the highest production quality and the opportunity to do edits that would not otherwise be possible.

The Mark Rogers Story

This video is essentially a documentary film. A large law firm hired us to tell this dramatic story of Mark Rogers, an Army combat veteran and hero who rescued his family from a burning car.

This was a major production. We took our crew to Illinois to interview the Rogers family. All footage was shot with the Ultra HD RED Digital Cinema camera. The final script integrated the interview footage, family photos, deposition videos, and custom animation of the accident to tell this emotional story.

We were handed boxes of legal documents, dozens of deposition videos and binders of expert opinions that had been generated by the Rogers attorneys and those from six trucking firms involved in the crash. Head writer Mike Weber distilled this into a more concise script to detail the accident, the aftermath, and the resulting personal toll it took on the Rogers family.

The video was used to mediate a settlement in favor of the family in five of the cases. One case went to trial and the accident animations and compilation videos were used in court. The family won that final case as well.