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Inspiration & Education

This online portfolio will contain a collection of webinars, seminars and videos about all things advertising, presented by the American Advertising Federation Fourth District. For more information about other Ad Fed programs and your local Ad Fed chapter visit

  1. Bob Kodzis Burning the Box

    This is the kind of inspiration you get at an AAF Fourth District conference.

  2. Blake Killian Social Media Presentation

    RECORDED AS PRESENTED November 8, 2014 at the Destin Conference - AUDIO ONLY
    Perhaps the only thing more abundant than ideas in Blake’s brain is enthusiasm. And what better outlet for him than the amazingly diverse canvas of social media? His PR background offers the perfect complement to his innovative approach, enabling him to equally promote clients and the virtues of the promotional approach itself. However, it’s not all tell-tell-tell with Blake and his team. That’s not the true Social way. Rather, they learn more by being great listeners, as evidenced by the dynamic “Listen Hub” they built in order to track widespread public sentiment about our clients’ brands. The results have turned heads, including an article in USA Today and the Ad Club of New Orleans’ 2014 Social Media Person of the Year for Blake.

  3. 4AAF Webinar Replay - Pioneering Passion on the Digital Front

    Bobby Jones, Founder & CEO of Orlando based Purple Rock Scissors takes us through the lifestyle and values of a digital agency, from the necessary creative passion to future client collaboration. Hear about how the folks at PRPL implement innovative strategies and engineering to face industry challenges head-on and stay ahead of that elusive curve.
    Part of the continuing professional development initiative of the AAF Fourth District this webinar was presented in May 2013. Look for more webinars, programs, ADDY Awards inormation and industry news at

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