1. Training Within Industry (TWI)

    Take the next step in standardized work by implementing Training Within Industry (TWI). CME offers two TWI modules; Job Instruction and Job Relations,facilitated with your staff on-site.

    Job Instruction
    Give two employees the same task and chances are they'll each perform it slightly different. For companies who focus on repeating a process, these differences can be costly.
    The need to standardize work in the most efficient way is the motivation behind Training Within Industry (TWI).
    CME will be working with companies to facilitate the Job Instruction Module (JI). This module leverages the role of individuals in the organization who direct or influence work to increase productivity, reduce quality errors, reduce training time, improve morale and sustain standard work.

    Job Relations
    Job Relations (JR) is the Training Within Industry (TWI) Program that enables the supervisor/manager to build a solid, positive and enduring relationship between him/her and each employee. This relationship is based on trust, communication, mutual respect, care and concern. As such, this builds and maintains a positive culture in the organization. The supervisor/manager as a leader in this role actually becomes the "point person" regarding the Human Resources function. The relationship he/she builds and maintains over time becomes the foundation for LEAN. With this positive foundation, the supervisor/manager is able to engage employees in a culture that embraces continuous improvement and teamwork. See tangible business results, as well as the effect on the quality of work life in a true no-blame culture.

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