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  1. SACRIFICE ZONE – official trailer

    The backyard of New South Wales is under threat from invasive gasfields. Meet the people who are determined to protect it.
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    Produced by GABPG and Cloudcatcher Media
    Music by Luke Vassella

  2. Sacrifice Zone

    The backyard of New South Wales is facing its biggest threat yet – invasive gasfields. Betrayal by governments has meant protectors are fighting to save the things they love. The Pilliga, Great Artesian Basin, Liverpool Plains – all are at risk. This is a David and Goliath battle to save our land, air and water from destruction. It’s also a fight for the soul and future of Australia. In this film we meet the experts and people living in the sacrifice zone and uncover the truth behind the real gas crisis confronting ordinary Australians.

    Sharyn Munro (author, 'Rich Land, Wasteland'): 'Moving and powerful – credible local voices making undeniable sense.'

    Tina Louise Rothery (UK gas activist): 'Bentley gave us hope we could fight, this gives us no option but to fight.'

    Jack Mundey (legendary unionist & environmental activist): 'Marvellous film. I couldn't agree more with the action being taken to expose and fight against the undoubted damage to precious water resources if this mining is allowed to proceed.'

    Bill McKibben (author, co-founder of 'Gas is a huge threat to the planet's climate, and hence this film is a great help in the biggest battle the planet faces.'

    Dr Geralyn McCarron (Brisbane G.P.): 'This film taps into a significant and compelling knowledge base and provides a picture of the powerful resistance to the unconventional gas industry in Australia.'

    Shay Dougall (Hopeland farmer, Human Rights Tribunal Into Unconventional Gas): ' It is magnificent. It is going to be a game-changer. It left me with a will to keep fighting, not feeling so alone and wishing I lived in NSW. Proud to be an Aussie.'

    Margaret Fleck (Liverpool Plains farmer): 'Brilliant work.'

    Michele Cullen (Australian gas activist): 'Wonderful. Brought a tear to my eye.'

    Jo Evans (artist/activist): 'It's brilliant, perfect balance. If I was Santos I'd be very very worried.'

    Margie Heggie (retired health worker): 'Just watched. In tears. On every level, CSG mining fails to deliver. Why is it that the majority of our leaders refuse to see what is right there in front of them? I despair, but people are starting to listen.'

    Katherine Marchment (NT gas activist): 'Brilliant brilliant brilliant.'

    Rob Hirst (Midnight Oil, Backsliders): 'Inspiring and tragic, compelling and utterly convincing. NSW and Queensland's unfolding coal seam gas catastrophe, and the grave danger to the priceless Great Artesian Basin, described in passionate terms by a diverse cast of farmers, firies, boffins, greenies, pollies and First Nations elders. An urgent call-to-arms to save the quality of our water, air and soil, and our international reputation for pristine food production, on some of Australia's finest agricultural land.'

    Meg Nielsen (farmer, Bentley Gatekeepers): 'This film will be tremendously inspiring to farmers and farming communities all around the world – to empower them and give them confidence to stand up.'

    Sarah Moles (QLD activist): 'What an inspiring, moving film.'

    Luke O'Shea (multiple Golden Guitar winner): 'Who are you willing to sacrifice? Australia is at war! The enemy is apathy, short-sightedness, greed and corruption – on an enormous scale – and they are rapidly advancing on many fronts, through many communities. Will you answer the call of your fellow countrymen as they put their lives and livelihoods on the line for the future of YOUR children! Be inspired by these remarkable everyday people featured in this incredible documentary and learn just how powerful 'YOU' can be! YOUR VOICE – YOUR vote – YOUR support – can win this war! HEAR THE CALL!'

    Dr Cynthia D. Moe-Lobeda (Professor of Theological and Social Ethics, USA). 'Breath-taking! "Sacrifice Zone" is a brilliant testimony to hope and moral power for resisting the formidable fossil fuel industry and the danger it poses to life on Earth. Watch this saga of courage and commitment, and be inspired! Show it in classrooms, houses of worship, and seats of government. This film is food for moral fortitude and joy in the face of exploitative power.'

  3. ROCK THE GATE! (first look trailer)

    This is the first trailer for the forthcoming music movie ROCK THE GATE! The film will be out in selected cinemas in August 2012. Featuring performers and activists including Xavier Rudd, OKA, Dubmarine, Steady Eddy, Brian Monk, Drew Hutton and S Sorrenson, as well as the people of the Northern Rivers, NSW, Australia.

    Original music in this trailer from Luke Vassella, who also appears in the film. All proceeds will go to Lock the Gate Northern Rivers to fight the scourge of coal seam gas. If you love the trailer, tell your friends! This will be the music movie of the event that ROCKED the Northern Rivers!

    Director/co-producer: David Lowe. Lead camera/editor: Pancho Colladetti. Co-producers Amanda Doran, Nora Savona and Heather McDiarmid. Rock the Gate event organisers Amanda Doran, Amanda Shoebridge and Elly Bird.

  4. The Reverend and the Mayor at Bentley Blockade - two more extremists?

    From the #BentleyBlockade in northern NSW, Australia, here's Rev. Jim Nightingale (Kyogle) and Jenny Dowell (Mayor, Lismore Council) talking about why they support this massive people's blockade against invasive gasfields in the Northern Rivers. Music by Luke Vassella and the impromptu Bentley Band.

  5. 'Gently Bentley' - Luke Vassella, from the CD 'Songs of the Bentley Blockade'

    Music video from 'Songs of the Bentley Blockade' CD with Luke Vassella and choir led by Peter Lehner. Featuring many of the heroes of the Northern Rivers NSW (Australia) gasfield-free movement. Camera/edit/direction: David Lowe, additional cameras: Brendan Shoebridge, Ondy Cleland, Noli Ganda, Duncan Wilson.

    Some words from Luke: here is the official video clip for 'Gently Bentley' as featured on the 'Songs from the Bentley Blockade' fundraiser album. The song was intended as a prayer for peace; a mantra for unity and goodwill as we gathered to obstruct unconventional gas development on the upstream boundary of a council area where 87% of the electorate declared their lack of support. It was an appeal to our government to be true to our national anthem and Advance Australia Fair. Anthems of other nations may well mention the fury of bombs bursting or the red glare of rockets. But ours speaks of rejoicing; in nature's gifts, of beauty rich and rare, of a common wealth of 'ours', of combining our courage and generously sharing with others. 'Gently Bentley' is a simple, repetitive song with a clear melody that could be sung in a round, in the dark, in the rain, in the mud, without instruments if need be. And it was. The verse about the NSW police was originally sung "let's share our peace...", as we prepared for a confrontation that would involve thousands of distressed people. So many thoughts come back for me from the Bentley experience, and I don't mind if I never have to sing the song again. This Christmas I just give thanks to God that for a moment in time, the gentle were blessed to inherit the earth.!/CD-Songs-of-the-Bentley-Blockade/

  6. Citizen to Activist

    Get up, stand up! A not-so serious guide to becoming an activist, using the example of the Australian fight against unconventional gas and coal mining.

    Art: Peter Gibson
    Script/camera: David Lowe
    Sound Design: Paul Robert Burton
    Voices: Jane Foggon & Davey Bob Ramsey
    Voice Recording: Luke Vassella
    Editing/Direction: David Lowe & Eve Jeffery
    Producer: Cloudcatcher Media

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