Web video portfolio

"Places in the World," a poetry collage.

During this time of social distancing and staying at home, I've been enjoying the music videos of orchestras and groups playing together virtually.I thought poetry would work in this format too. I asked writer/poet Zee Zahava for one of her poems. She chose Places In the World. We asked 12 women to read the poem. Each woman used her phone or computer and here is the result of Places In The World. Readers are in order seen in the video: Nia Nunn, Anna Sannes, Jai Hari Myerhoff, Barbara Mink, Stacey Murphy, Yvonne Fisher, Peaches Gillette, Heather Boob, Maria delTorio, Yvette Rubio, Edna Brown, Susan Currie.

This is a production of CloseToHome Productions and Zee Zahava.