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The Senior Troupe of Lifelong in rehearsal for "Music"

Stories from the Senior Troupe of Lifelong: Music and Memories
The Senior Troupe of Lifelong presents Living History Theatre, which centers on the theme of “music” featuring stories from the troupe’s lives that are both humorous and serious. The Senior Theatre Troupe of Lifelong has been performing Living History Theatre for more then 18 years. The troupe has performed for audiences that number from 15 to 350 people in many venues in Tompkins County. Directed and coordinated by Sue Perlgut, the troupe features, Carolyn David, Daniel Cooper, Connie Currier, Emily Johnson, Paula Twomley, Carol Santucci, Michael Schaff, Deirdre Silverman, Mark Silverman, Jean Senegas, Sandy Stein.

The players are the characters, the scenery and props. The choral theatre is developed from themes that the actors pick and the stories they tell are from their lives. For more information about the Senior Citizen Troupe of Lifelong you can contact Lifelong at 607-273-1511 or go to closetohomeproductions.com/seniortheatretroupe.html. This project is supported with grant support from the Community Arts Partnership of Tompkins County.