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Dr. Jean Chesser and Dr. Debbie Brewer teach and comment on spirituality and religion. Along with Dr. Daryl Chesser and many others. cLife tv brings Truth to the forefront...more info at

  1. "7 Layer Dip!" February 4, 2019

    My sister makes a great 7 layer dip. Find out more about the 7 Layer Dip on this episode of cLIfe TV with Dr. Daryl

  2. "#Hash Tag Faith!" Dr. Daryl January 21, 2019

    Have you ever heard of Hash Tag Faith? Well, on today's episode of cLife TV with Dr. Daryl you will.

  3. Merry Christmas!! from cLife Christmas 2018

    Dr. Jean, Dr. Deb, and Dr. Daryl wish you a very Merry Christmas! Jesus Christ is Lord!

  4. Harvest Temple 25th Anniversary 1989

    Pastor Dale Denham introduces Rev. William F. and Bernice Morris, and Founding Pastors Harold L. and Alva Jean Chesser for a greeting on the 25th Anniversary of the founding of Harvest Temple COG in Largo, Florida in 1964.
    Harvest Temple joined with Woodlawn COG and has become Gulf Coast Church, with Pastor Randy and Peggy Morris.

  5. "Stolen!" Dr. James Daryl Chesser September 7, 2018

    Do you feel like things are being stolen from you? Or is it part of God's will? Find out more on this episode of cLife TV with Dr. Daryl!

  6. "The Longest Day!" Dr. Jame Daryl Chesser August 21, 2018

    Do you know how long the longest Day was? Find out on this episode of cLife TV with Dr. Daryl