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cLife TV

Dr. Jean Chesser and Dr. Debbie Brewer teach and comment on spirituality and religion. Along with Dr. Daryl Chesser and many others. cLife tv brings Truth to the forefront...more info at

  1. "A Good Report" James Daryl Chesser July 27, 2020

    Everyone loves a good report from the doctor, or even the bank. Today Dr. Daryl looks into what a good report really is! Take a few minutes to hear "A Good Report"!

  2. "No Patches Please!" James Daryl Chesser June 24, 2020

    Have you ever tried to patch something? To patch something old with something new? On today's episode of cLife TV I talk about that in "No Patches Please!"!

  3. "Everything Is Coming Up Roses!" Dr. James Daryl Chesser June-16, 2020

    Everything Is Coming Up Roses. hear the story of Obed-Edom and the ark of God in his living room. Learn why God blessed him and his family so extraordinarily on this episode of cLife TV.

  4. "In A Day!" Alva Jean Chesser December 31, 2019

    Alva Jean Chesser walks us through the story of Esther, and the salvation of the Jews because of God's favor!

  5. "7 Layer Dip!" February 4, 2019

    My sister makes a great 7 layer dip. Find out more about the 7 Layer Dip on this episode of cLIfe TV with Dr. Daryl

  6. "#Hash Tag Faith!" Dr. Daryl January 21, 2019

    Have you ever heard of Hash Tag Faith? Well, on today's episode of cLife TV with Dr. Daryl you will.