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Dr. Jean Chesser and Dr. Debbie Brewer teach and comment on spirituality and religion. Along with Dr. Daryl Chesser and many others. cLife tv brings Truth to the forefront...more info at

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  1. "Call To Me!" Jan McNutt November 27, 2014

    Dr. Jan discusses prayer...Call to Him and He will answer you! You will benefit from this teaching on praying and hearing from God!

  2. "They Died Well!" Dr. Jan McNutt November 18, 2014

    Dr. Jan McNutt opens Revelation 12:11 to tell the stories of the disciples and the way they died.
    "And they overcame him by the blood of the Lamb, and by the word of their testimony; and they loved not their lives unto the death."

  3. "Round Table 5" November 14, 2014

    Dr. Jan McNutt joins the regular crew on Round Table 5 as we discuss the attraction and peace of Jesus Christ. You don't want to miss this exciting and fun episode of Round Table on cLife TV!

  4. "The 4th Man!" Dr. Jean September 18, 2014

    The Texas A & M University football team, the Aggies, has 11 players on the field...but they have what they call "The 12th Man", which are thousands of fans, standing in front of their seats the entire game cheering them team on!
    On today's program, Dr. Jean Chesser, tells about "The 4th Man" standing in the fire with the 3 Hebrew children! Don't miss this encouraging and faith building episode!

  5. "Land Ahoy!" Dr. Jean September 8, 2014

    Dr. Jean Chesser opens up the Book of Acts and tells us the story of Paul on His way to Rome! God is always faithful!

  6. "Eyes Wide Open!" Dr. Debbie September 5, 2014

    Dr. Debbie opens up the Gospel and talks about the Road to Emmaus! How the disciple walked with Jesus after His resurrection and didn't know it was Jesus! Now, their eyes are wide open!