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cLife TV

Dr. Jean Chesser and Dr. Debbie Brewer teach and comment on spirituality and religion. Along with Dr. Daryl Chesser and many others. cLife tv brings Truth to the forefront...more info at

  1. "Convict Convince Condemn!" James Daryl Chesser December 18, 2021

    On this episode of cLife TV, Daryl Chesser talks about three of the things that the Holy Spirit does. He Convicts the world, He convinces the Believer, and he Condemns Satan!
    Join us and be encouraged..

  2. "45 Years!" James Daryl Chesser November 5, 2021

    Caleb waited 45 years to take the mountain that was promised to him by Moses. 45 Years. Find out more in this encouraging video with Daryl Chesser

  3. "Seven Verses!" Debbie Brewer October 16, 2021

    Seven Verses! Dr. Debbie Brewer walks us through seven verses in the book of John to show us how much life can be found in so few verses! Be encouraged and strengthened in your faith as you watch today!

  4. "Gloriously Robustly Soundly!" Debbie Brewer April 18 2021

    Dr. Debbie talks about how gloriously, robustly and soundly founded our salvation is in Christ Jesus! Take a few minutes and be encouraged about what God has given us by his grace!

  5. "Just A Seed!" Debbie Brewer April 2, 2021

    On this episode of cLife TV, Rev Deb talks to us about the power of a simple seed! The Seed is not just a seed! Watch and be encouraged!

  6. "God Wants Us Whole!" Debbie Brewer March 19, 2021

    Do you believe it is God's will for you to be healed? If you do not, then why do you pray to be healed?
    In this episode of cLife TV Debbie Brewer shows us that God wants us WHOLE!