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CK Chu Tai Chi

CK Chu Tai Chi has been located in Times Square NYC since 1973. Under the direction of Grand Master C.K. Chu, the school teaches a full Taoist curriculum - chi kung, nei kung, tai chi form, meditation, fighting, and weapons. Here is a selection of trailers for our video on demand series begun fall 2013. For more information about our school, see For video on demand for Eternal Spring Classes see: and for Nei Kung see: and for the Tai Chi Short Form see:

  1. An Introduction to the Eternal Spring Tai Chi Form (Tai Chi Short Form)

    A trailer of the CK Chu Tai Chi DVD. Master C.K. Chu is filmed in workshop at his Times Square Studio and doing the form alone in Central Park.

  2. Eternal Spring Chi Kung

    A 30 second sample of the Eternal Spring series. Eternal Spring Chi Kung is Grand Master C.K. Chu's exercise program for improving health by exercising the breathing apparatus. Eternal Spring also improves flexibility, balance, coordination, and strength.

  3. Nei Kung: Introduction

    Nei Kung is an ancient healing art first written about in any language by Master C.K. Chu in The Book of Nei Kung. This is a trailer to a series of videos that, together, compose an introductory workshop to practicing Nei Kung.

  4. Learning Eternal Spring Tai Chi Step-By-Step with Grandmaster C.K. Chu

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