C4DLive NAB 2012

Archived presentations from MAXON's booth at the 2012 National Association of Broadcasters Show

NAB 2012 Rewind: Claudio Jeno

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Discover how CINEMA 4D's powerful capabilities enable Claudio Jeno to visualize and turn ideas for bumpers and game graphics into a reality on a tight deadline.

In this presentation, Claudio demonstrates how he used CINEMA 4D to create concept art for the 2010 World Cup. Next he demonstrates the process of turning a 2D Illustrator logo in an animated title for the Miami Dolphins "Inside the Fins" show. Claudio demonstrates animating symmetry and layering simple elements in another piece for the Miami Dolphins. Finally, Claudio demonstrates how he used AtomArray plus MoGraph PolyFX, Cloner and effectors in an ident for Univision.

02:40 World Cup 2010
16:00 Inside the Fins
21:45 Miami Dolphins 2011
27:20 Univision