C4DLive NAB 2012

Archived presentations from MAXON's booth at the 2012 National Association of Broadcasters Show

NAB 2012 Rewind: Colin Sebestyen Day 3

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CINEMA 4D's sophisticated features help Colin Sebestyen realize a diverse range of stunning animations. See how he used L-Systems, and several other tools to build his impressive repertoire.

In this presentation, Colin demonstrates how he used procedural materials, random effector as a deformer, basic Xpresso to create wolves for a piece entitled Futura Lobo for IDN Magazine. In a repeat from Day 1, Colin provides an extensive explanation of MoSpline's Turtle mode and L-Systems while demonstrating a live backdrop created for Miamisburg Color Guard. Finally, Colin demonstrates in slightly more depth how he used C4D content in Quartz Composer and VDMX to create a live 3D VJ-style presentation controlled through midi for the hip-hop music maestro Edison.

01:52 IDN Magazine - Futura Lobo
20:00 Miamisburg - The Living Canvas
36:36 Edison - Shadowtime

More info on L-Systems and specific L-System formulas can be found in the book Algorithmic Beauty of Plants, available free online.

More information and scene files can be found at movecraft.com