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Hi everyone,
this little commercial is my final work as a student.

First of - I want to thank all people who gave me their time and skills to make this little video was a small crew...believe me.
I used the Sony Nex-7, to see if I can hit the nail on it´s head with this little camera - and oviously....the reality is, that you have to know the cameras limitations, which are for example the video-processing or the captured colorspace(I don´t know how to call it).

My tip for a NEX-Shooter would be: Don´t go too flat with the picture-profile and try to get the saturation and color as close to aimed final look, as possible. Recovering the color has abou 50% of the FS-100´s capacities -
so please beware in that respect.
It was meant as a challenge...U know?
I wish to have used for example the FS100....but as the word says: "Learning by doing" or "learning by mistakes!!!
Why was it a mistake to use a camera like the Sony NEX-7 for such a project, where lowlight holds the letters "A" and "O" and you have to key out the greenscreen under such circumstances?

Now: On only one day I had the chance to get proper lighted scenes, thanks to my friends @ rampant-pictures.
( They are extraordinary photographers with a wide range of photographic skills - so if you want to book them worldwide and "get 2 dumb-asses for free!!!" check out their website:
On the other days I had mostly available light and ISO3200...
If you get to taste the lowlight-abilities of the Sony FS-100 only one time - you´ll definately don´t want to miss it again.
Taking the FS-100 as a reference, the SONY NEX-7 has:
1. Not the best Lowlight quality
2. a relatively week Codec (compared to the FS100) - which breaks up pretty quickly...
Why was it used?
1. Challange
2. 1080p@50fps
3 Too fast - too furious!

Andrew from SLR-Magic kindly provided me with the excellent 50mm T0,95 CINEPRIME which arrived with a PERFECT timing for the shoot....thank you for the serious service and fast shipping Andrew!

It is clear, that the Hyper-Prime couldn´t be used for the wideangle-shots....but you will clearly see where the Slr-Magic T0.95 was used, as it is an incredibly fast lens with extreme shapness even-wide open (the grain-less picture will tell you)....BUT....during the shoot, I hoped more than one time, that it would have a bigger focus-ring...there are still people out there, who don´t use a follow-focus and can´t effort an arri-one...

When it comes to wide-angle-shots:
at f2.8 the maximum aperture is reached with lenses who are wider than 20mm (x 1.5 on APS= 30mm). I had the SONY G 16-50mm f2.8 and the TOKINA 11-16mm f2.8 on the SONY LA-EA2 adapter.

Nice combo - but not for low-light on the NEX-7....
The camera provides you the maximum ISO of 3200 with the sacrafice of an unhealthy amount of digital noise. first I saw the "flat picture-profiles" and thought: WOW - this looks like a nice fresh piece of meat to work with...
As Andrew from noticed, the color-sampling is definately NOT video-optimized - so hmmmm....let´s fix this in post...with a stylized color-grading.
Let´s see the tons of noise as an element of "video-art" and take the view from an independent artist...

Please try to not will find a looooot of dead pixels...
therefore I clearly mark this work as a "CONCEPT-FILM" where the idea is in the foreground - with the technical aspects in the background.

The human learns until his last breath - he/she at least could learn...
the lessons I learned from this project are:

1. Check your setup before shooting!
2. Preperation will be my second name!
3. Not every 8bit 4:2:0 signal-processing holds the same quality!
4. I need the SONY FS700!!!!!

To give you some specifications:

Camera: SONY NEX-7
Lenses: Tokina 11-16mm 2.8, SONY 16-50mm f2.8, SLR-Magic
50mm T0.95 CINE (pre-production), Walimex 35mm f1.4

- ZION-Slider - 1m
A real one-take slider with the option to mount a magic-arm on the side - veeeeery practical and I really enjoyed to use it for this project.

Great service and BIG THANKS to Siegfried Friesen for the FAST and flexible shipping!!!

- Glidecam HD-2000: I love this steadycam!
- Omnitracker Slim-Line Pro
- Edelkrone Rig + Indian Parts (the follow-focus was simply a piece of ....this is why I preferred to focus without it.

Sound: Olympus LS-5 but I found the onboard mic of the NEX-7 seems pretty I wrong?

Software: Premiere Pro - MBL - AE
1. Track: Unknown...but very dynamic
(if you know the artist, please let me know)
2. Tito & Tarantula: After Dark
Long words - short message:

I hope you enjoyed the "CONCEPT"

Thank you for watching!

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