Get to know North Carolina children in foster care who are awaiting their forever family.

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Nick loves to play outside – football, dribbling basketballs, riding his bike – especially with friends. He likes to swim, fish, camp, and hike. He enjoys watching TV (Animal Planet, cartoons), playing video games, playing with action figures (WWE), drawing, and reading. He also likes to lift weights and do karate moves.

Nick is athletic, sincere, determined, and polite. His favorite Pokémon is “Dark Eye” because even though everyone thought he was a bad guy, he is good and he takes care of his loved ones. Nick wants to be a video game tester when he grows up.

The family for Nick would be nice, active, “smart”, patient, and encouraging. He is looking for a Mom and Dad who like being outside, like shopping, go to church, enjoy horseback riding (or will go with him), and have a few important rules and structure. His family will allow him to participate in after-school activities, will be patient, and will like sports.