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Ask Dr. Sal

Webinar #13 - Aug 19 (2020)

Do you understand the results of your lab test and what it means for your health and wellbeing? The numbers tell the story, and so do participants in the CHIP program who take action and find success through their own unique journey. (Based on CHIP Session #12)
Points covered:
* Input equals Output
* Cholesterol. Give Diet a chance to lower your total cholesterol towards the more ideal numbers of 160mg/dL or 4.2 mol/L. Cholesterol levels lowered by pharmacological means don’t necessarily translate into the kind of benefit you will experience when lowering your cholesterol with a dietary approach.
* Triglycerides. Are triglyceride levels predictive of heart disease? Regardless of changes, as long as triglyceride levels stay below 150 mg/dL or 1.7 mol/L they are ideal
* LDL. As LDL cholesterol drops, less HDL cholesterol is needed to transport it out of the blood stream.
* Diabetes. Normal Blood Sugar = 70-99 mg/dl. Borderline Diabetes = 1100-125 mg/dl. Full Blown Diabetes is above 125 mg/dl.
* It is important to stay in close contact with your doctor as your medication may need to be adjusted during the CHIP program.
* Hypertension
* Total Cholesterol — aim for less than 160mg/dL or 4.2mmol/L
* LDL cholesterol — aim for less than 90 g/dL or 2.3mmol?l
* Triglycerides — aim for less than 150mg/dL or 1.7mmol?l
* Blood pressure — aim for less than 140/90

1. “CHIP Session 12 Trailer — Understanding Your Results” (Dr. Diehl @ 0:00)
2. “Five Things to Consider About Testing” (Dr. Avery @ 1:56)

1. “How does our body handle fructose differently from refined sugar?” (32:21)
2. “Is dehydrated food good for you? Or, is it more concentrated in sugar?” (34:24)
3. ”When it comes to AC1, is it better to be lower — 4.5 vs 5.5 for example?” (35:13)

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