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Ask Dr. Sal

Webinar #12 - Aug 12 (2020)

You might be surprised to learn that research into cancer prevention has shown there are some remarkably simple things we can do day to day that can reduce our risk of developing certain types of cancer. In this webinar you will be guided through the choices we make every day that can help reduce our risks.
Welcome to all including the new attendees from the Plantchics tribe! Don’t forget to put your questions in the chat box (and also invite your friends to join).
- What is cancer?
- What is a tumor?
- Carcinogens and lifestyle risk factors
- The WHEL trial slide – Women’s healthy eating & living trial
Overweight & obesity not only increase the risk for cancer but also increase the risk of a poor prognosis associated with CV19
- Alcohol
- Hormones (estrogen)
- Low SHBG
- Food – healthful and harmful
- Limited physical activity
- The multiple positive effects of exercise
- Fiber helps eliminate estrogen and other toxins
- How to increase immune strength
- How to decrease inflammation
- Cancer screening – breast, prostate, colon, lung and skin
- Milk and increased risk prostate cancer 34% with 2.5 servings dairy
- ILGF in dairy Insulin-like growth factor
- Animal foods esp. red and processed meats (WHO report)
How to decrease the risk of developing cancer (and how to improve the ability to treat and reverse cancer)
1. “CHIP Session 11 Trailer — Cancer Prevention” (Dr. Diehl @ 0:00)
2. “What is Cancer?” (Dr. Diehl @ 3:37)
3. “What Is a Tumor?” (Dr. Diehl @ 5:35)
4. “Causes of Cancer” (Dr. Diehl @ 7:45)
5. “How to Reduce Your Risk of Cancer” (Dr. Diehl @ 17:00)

1. “Do men and women get cancer at the same rate?” (22:46)
2. “I always wondered why some yogis live as vegetarians but die of cancer anyway?” (24:22)
3. ”Do you recommend soy consumption for breast cancer survivors” (25:51)
4. “What are your feelings on raw veggies vs. cooked?” (27:04)—see book “Eating on the Wild Side” by Jo Robinson
5. “Which foods should breast cancer patients avoid?” (28:14)
6. “Is there is a relationship between Covid and e-cigarettes in young smokers?” (29:52)

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