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Ask Dr. Sal

Webinar #11 - Aug 5 (2020)

Bone health plays such an important role in our quality of life as we age. Healthy bones help us to stay mobile and active, living life to the fullest. Dr. Sal will guide you through the key building blocks of bone health showing how lifestyle plays a significant role in helping us to maintain strong, healthy bones.
Risk factors for bone loss: Sedentary, white, Asian, hyperthyroidism. The definition of osteopenia and osteoporosis has to do with T score -2.0
The need for calcium, vitamin D in weight bearing exercise. The importance of measuring your vitamin D level. Medications such as omeprazole and other antacids increase the risk of osteoporosis
The calcium slide showing sources of calcium Bones also need other minerals, vitamins, and antioxidants.
The dairy myth again
Lactose intolerance – why does this occur? Another myth: newborn babies need mothers milk. Cow’s produce milk. So then babies must need cow’s milk…uggh! Humans are not cow’s! Human babies need HUMAN mother’s milk and for only a short time.
* Resistance exercise
* Sarcopenia
* Metabolism
* Risk of falling

Summary: Making exercise a daily habit (aerobic and strength). Importance of sunshine and vitamin D. Calcium from plants. Other minerals are also important. Thank you CHIPPER!
* “CHIP Session 10 Trailer — Bone Health” (Dr. Chang @ 0:00)
* “Causes and Cures for Osteoporosis” (Dr. Avery @ 7:25)
* “Vitamin D is Essential” (Dr. Chang @ 11:09)
* “Is Milk the Best Source of Calcium? (Dr. Chan @ 13:51)
* “Lactose Intolerance” (Dr. Chang @ 18:38)
* “Strength Building for Strong Bones (Dr. Morton @ 19:41)

1. “I'm a thin, 68-year-old vegan female with severe osteoporosis. Your recommendation?” (25:07)
2. “Is lactose intolerance somewhat genetically based?” (26:42)
3. ”What are some resistance exercises?” (28:13)
4. “How much calcium does a woman with osteoporosis need?” (29:16)
5. “How does carbonated flavored water affect the bones?” (30:36)

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