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Ask Dr. Sal

Webinar #10 - July 29 (2020)

A whole plant food diet is low in the things implicated in high blood pressure, which is great news. However, some people also worry that it is low in important nutrients, such as protein. In this webinar you'll learn some surprising and reassuring facts about plant-based diets and protein.
What is hypertension/ high blood pressure and why is it a health concern? Known as the “Silent killer” hypertension is a chronic health problem with devastating consequences. It is usually treated with medications without, in many cases, identifying (and treating/eradicating) the cause!
Knowing the numbers is important but knowing why the numbers are high is even more important. And knowing the consequences from not getting the numbers in the normal range is also important. Here is a list of possible causes of hypertension:
* Salt
* Plaque
* Weight
* Exercise
* Alcohol
* Potassium
Animal protein containing more fat than protein. Plus, all the other contaminants in animal protein. You can easily get all the protein you need in whole-plant foods, eating a variety of fruits and vegetables each day.
* “CHIP Session 9 Trailer” (Darren Morton @ 0:00)
* “What is Hypertension” (Dr. Diehl @ 5:21)
* “Six Contributing Factors to Hypertension” (Dr. Diehl @ 10:09)
* “Enough Protein in Plant-based Diets?” (Morton & Chan @ 16:06)
* “Strongman Patrick” (from “The Game Changers” @ 18:38)

1. “What is a typical serving size for the 9 fruits and vegetables you need each day?” (23:15)
2. “How do you know if you're NOT getting enough salt?” (23:49)
3. ”How low is a blood pressure and heart rate still okay?” (24:36)
4. “The DASH diet has some fish in it. What is your advice on that?” (26:41)

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