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Ask Dr. Sal

Webinar #16- Sep 9 (2020)

Even the strongest willpower can be tested by a negative environment. Find out the secret to changing healthy behaviors into healthy habits through practical tips and suggestions that can help re-engineer your everyday choices to promote healthy behaviors. (Based on CHIP Session #15)
Welcome again to all previous attendees and a special welcome and thank you to new attendees.
What’s Causing the Obesity Epidemic?
* Deaths related to obesity & overweight > malnutrition
* Since 1980 the incidence of obesity has doubled leading to an increased risk of all chronic illnesses, many cancers and deaths from COVID.
* The issue of the association between obesity and death is tremendously alarming but this is another wake up call for all Americans to get involved in LM programs such as CHIP in order to regain health and wellbeing.
* Remember – CHIP is not a nutrition program – it’s a lifestyle related solution to the health care crises we all deal with daily in America.
* The cause is not related to genetics but rather to a change in the environment!
* We live in what is now called an “Obesogenic” environment where food is too accessible, and most people live a sedentary lifestyle. All of the so-called conveniences of the American way of life result in a higher risk and incidence of obesity and all the chronic illnesses which stem from being overweight.

How Do We Negotiate the Sugar Bowl?
* The unhealthy choices are the easy choices (the “easy button”)
* Change the surroundings to change your health.
* Adapt the environment to maintain optimal healt
* Positive choices turn into positive habits
* Remove the temptations and change from unhealthy to healthy food
* Don’t bring the unhealthy food into the house

But what about when you’re traveling (on the road or via plane)?
* Be prepared
* Be informed
* Pack foods, water and healthy snacks
* Make the best choices available

We all can write prescriptions! Here’s my Rx for a healthy meal:
“Dear Chef, please cook my pasta well and add in spinach, broccoli, a few olives, parsley and other herbs and spices, and please use only a little oil – thank you for preparing a healthy meal for me. Much appreciated. —Your loyal customer”
Be prescriptive and be in control!

Better Choices When Eating Out
* Look at the menu on-line and think about what you’d like to eat before you get to the restaurant
* Be knowledgeable about ingredients
* Grilling and baking and steaming
* Portion control – skip the appetizer or order a few appetizers and skip a main meal
* Skip the dessert or eat fruit if you really need something after the meal
* Stop eating before getting full and take home the leftovers
* Eat a salad and veggies before the main meal – studies have shown that people eat 300 calories less when they eat a piece of fruit before a meal
* Enjoy the dining experience more than the food

Tips for Moving More
* Practical tips to move more – inconvenience yourself – put the printer on a different floor.
* Standing up to work, talk on the phone, walking meeting
* Skip the elevator and take the stairs
* Park away from the front entrance of the building you’re going into
* Be intentional about exercise (and all other aspects of wellbeing)

Finding Time for the Important Things
* We all have only 24 hours = 1440 minutes
* Put the big rocks in first – priorities
* Prioritize that which is truly important!

1. “Introduction-Trailer from CHIP Session 15” (Darren Morton @ 0:00)
2. “What's Causing the Obesity Epidemic?” - (Darren @ 5:07)
3. How Do We Negotiate the Sugar Bowl?” (Darren & Anya @ 9:44)
4. “Making Good Food Choices on the Road (Darren & Anya @ 12:48)
5. “Better Choices When Eating Out” (Darren & Anya @ 16:51)
6. “Tips for Moving More” (Darren @ 20:27)
7. “Finding Time for the Important Things” (Darren @ 23:59)

1. “Do you have any suggestions for vegan food for glucosamine?” (27:07)
2. “Do you advise antioxidants to patients with breast cancer?” (30:12)
3. Can diabetes really be reversed? If so, what is the best resource to proceed? (31:50P)

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