TCCProgram Preview-Begin

This is a preview of Wisdom Healing Qigong Program for beginning path.
The Chi Center offers on-going trainings:
In Person, Live Video Stream and Online Courses including
Teleconference, Pure Qi Weekly, Basic Weekend Course, Advanced Weekend,
Home Study Course, and Retreat for public and professionals.

Tao of Qigong

From both historic and modern perspectives, this video provides insights into Qigong as an art and science for the cultivation of chi, therefore it will inspire our daily practice to progressively synchronize or engage chi to weave together the mental, physical and spiritual elements of our being.

Based on the teaching of Dr. Pang, this video is produced to cover the principles and guidance of Qigong, especially Wisdom Healing™ Zhineng Qigong ( also introduced by Master Teacher Luke Chan as Chi-Lel™ in US. ) With spectacular images and Chi sound, it will not only inspire Qigong students for their practice but also provide others with an complete overview of Qigong. The viewer will be taken on a journey into the depth of Qigong through the teaching of Grandmaster Pang Ming, Master Jiang, Master Luke Chan, Master Gu and the 94 year old Master He.
Running time, 15 minutes

Bonus videos:
Tao of Qigong, Part II: 6 minutes
Experience the healing stories of WHQ students in the west and essence of Qigong powerfully presented by Master Gu

Wisdom Healing Spiral: 15 minutes
This documentary video demonstrate the healing power of Qigong for global transformation as well as personal empowerment.

Wisdom Healing Retreat: 10 minutes
This video will take you into a journey of healing in all dimensions through the heart felt images, poetic words and profound experience of students in retreats beyond any language.

"Watching this wonderful work, I have experienced a powerful healing of the Chi field, which goes beyond collages of images, sound and concept." —Tom Lee