The Chefs’ Table Series has evolved into the next generation of cooking demonstrations. Everyone has enjoyed a great meal and wine pairing at a restaurant. Haven’t we all said at least once after a delicious dining experience, “I wish I could cook like that!” The most social aspect we participate in is to enjoy a home cooked meal with family and friends. Now you can learn from the professionals!

The Chefs’ Table Series will compete in the “how to” food segments in TV viewing. It will achieve this using local access TV format. Our culture has grown and continues to grow into a “FOODIE” society. The show will be entertaining, instructional and informative. The supermarket industry is in the forefront of introducing to the consumer new ingredients, ethnic specialties and a cornucopia of food selections that weren’t even thought of ten years ago. This show will also draw viewers from network-produced food shows.

The Chefs’ Table Series will present the art of cooking in a broad range of cuisines by qualified professionals and experts. Currently, the show is filmed at Gordon’s Fine Wines and Liquors in Waltham, MA. This one-hour show will feature the following segments:

Cooking Demonstration: Joe Murphy of The Chefs’ Table Series, co-host and trained chef, cooks along with the restaurant chef of the week.

Chef’s Tip of the Week: Executive Chef/Owner Steve LaCount of Chiara Bistro discusses the best use of herbs, how to cook sauces, etc.

Health Tip of the Week: certified health coach provides the health and wellness tip of the week.

Craft Beer Pairing: pairing of food & craft beer explained by Brian Murphy, Certified Cicerone and Director of Sales & Marketing for the Massachusetts Beverage Alliance, LLC.

Wine Pairing: pairing of wine performed by a local wine expert.

Restaurant Review: co-host of The Chefs’ Table Series Carol O’Connor interviews chef/owner/manager of the featured restaurant; segment features interesting tidbits about the chef and restaurant.

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