Chankai is a professional videography artist.
Why Chankai?

1. Sensitive to the surroundings makes Chankai acutely capture your precious and enchanted moment.

2. Chankai's production is musically smooth and consistent in aesthetic sense with his modern editing technique and story arrangement.

3. Chankai Vision is full of love and passion that we attach great importance to your needs and concerns.

He happened to gain a valuable opportunity to work for an advertising firm during his time in school of art which started his videography career. With his talented creativity and outstanding performances, Chankai was gradually assigned to crucial positions, taking charge of many important projects. Leaving the company in 2003, ChanKai marked a milestone in his career by becoming a freelance videographer, specializing himself in video production of wedding rituals.

All-rounded college training in painting, sculpture, engraving, calligraphy, and aesthetic diversity projection has stimulated and inspired him to pursue for the works with artistic and creative, yet individualized power.