1. Boys & Girls Club in DHS

    Thank you Champion Life Church for giving financially to the Boys and Girls Club Desert Hot Springs! This video shows just how impactful this program is in the lives of our youth, and how influential your generosity has been in the life of this program.

  2. Philippines Disaster Relief | Champion Life Church | Typhoon Haiyan | Thank you for your Generosity

    Champion Life Churches Generosity after Typhoon Haiyan in the Philippines.

  3. Generosity Giving Series | Disaster Relief | New York City

    Pastor Jake Zaske from Trinity Grace Church in Queens, New York.

    In this Generosity Giving Series Video. We took a look at how our giving as a church impacted New York City after Hurricane Sandy.

  4. The Bethany House Baby Orphanage | Champion Life Church | Thank you for your Generosity

    In Uganda today there are increasing cases of baby-abandonment, they are left in places such as hospitals, or left on verandahs, or in swamps, etc. Bethany Baby House provides a loving, nurturing, safe, Christ centered home for abandoned and orphaned infants and children from birth through age four.

    The children will stay at the House until they are four years old. We strive to place them with Ugandan families interested in adopting and loving them. If they are not adopted by age four they will go to our one of our orphan homes; they will attend school and live there.

    Bethany Baby House is FULL, full of love, laughter, tears, and babies. We have filled our home with babies and reached the limit of our budget to give care to our little ones. You can support our babies; it costs about $250/month to feed, clothe, and care for each child. Can you help feed and clothe a little one?