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finalRender Drop 5 Blackbody Shader

In this Video, I'll explain how to use the new Blackbody Shader in finalRender Subscription Drop 5. This is a start to finish - non scripted live recording tutorial without any cuts or edits.

00:00 Start
01:00 Dive into 3ds Max - The SCENE
02:00 finalRender Objects
02:57 fR-Volume Object Loading VDBs
05:40 The First Rendering YEAH!
06:14 Grid Names are Important
07:53 Let there be Light
10:36 Blackbody - now? Or Not?
12:19 Dial up the HEAT
11:16 I'm going to fix that: Edwin loses his mind!!
11:42 Lets start Fresh
14:31 Active Shade - Yes that one
15:28 Emission Light Radiates
16:10 Lights Out Fire ON!
19:59 Render it out
22:31 The End

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