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3ds Max Tutorial: Non Photorealistic Rendering finalToon Procedural Hatching

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In this Video, I'll explain how to use the Procedural Hatching Map in finalToon for 3ds Max. This is a start to finish style tutorial. I use a free model from you can get the model as well and tag along to learn the ins and outs of our Procedural Hatching map.

00:00 Welcome to finalToon
00:34 Pick a model to Work with!
01:58 Import and Render the model first
02:55 Lets add finalToon to the Scene
04:18 Add the finalToon Material to the Scene
05:17 Add the Hatching Map
05:50 Stippling Effect
11:26 Points Hatching Effect
14:15 Vertical Line Hatching
15:43 Horizontal Lines Hatching
16:28 The Hatching Map- Lets go Bananas!
26:21 finalRender to the Speed Rescue
28:25 End Credit

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