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3ds Max: Why finalToon is a better choice for NPR over Arnold.

Are you in need of high quality NPR (Non Photo Realistic Rendering)?
Then check out this video!
This video is not meant as a renderer bashing video. It is meant to show the clear advantage you get with a dedicated True Line Renderer in 3ds Max.

finalToon supports many 3ds Max renderers, as long as they are 100% 3ds Max SDK conform.
Short reminder: Arnold is not a 100% compatible rendering solution for 3ds Max, this is why it can not work with 3rd party tools at all, including finalToon. Using 3ds Max' own outline rendering features do not deliver the quality and speedy results you can see from finalToon.

Check out this video to learn why finalToon is a much better solution for your NPR and Outline rendering needs!