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Pastor Bill Strayer The Lamb Of God April 7, 2019

The Lamb Of God
The power of the Lamb - John 1:29-34
V29 - Behold- means to get someone's attention
Lamb of God - a pet Lamb
One who is tender, kind and gentle
Follow Him - v37 - means to follow the same path/walk down the road with
John wanted everyone to know that there is a solution for every problem with humanity
The problem in the world is the sin nature of man
Everyone was born with a sin nature
Sins are symptoms of the sin nature
The solution for the sin nature is Jesus Christ
The preaching of the lamb - Exodus 12:6-7, 12-13, 22-23
The emphasis of preaching is Jesus Christ
The praise and worship to the Lamb - Revelation 5:8-14
This portion of scripture takes place in heaven

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