Road To Kona

Craig Alexander is the 2008 and 2009 Iron Man World Champion, the race is the most gruelling event in the world, 3.8km swim, 180km cycle and then a marathon all in just over 8 hours in the toughest conditions on the planet.

Toyota's sponsorship of Craig summoned the Turnstile 4 team to come up with a concept to help maximize Toyota's involvement with Craig Alexander. We shot a series of films in Sydney Australia where Craig resides and trains leading up to the race, then followed him closely in Kona Hawaii as he prepared, completed and concluded the championship race. The end result was a series of never seen before films that were extremely intimate, insightful and highly engaging entertainment, connecting with the RAV4 target highly active audience. The films have a combined reach in the millions across YouTube, Vimeo and Mens Health where a copy of the film was attached in a Blu-Ray format to magazine.

We shot, co-directed (with Boyd Hicklin ECD Gemba Group) and edited the series.

We shot the series using the SONY EX-3 and edited on the run in hotels, aircraft, rental cars and beaches across Hawaii.

An exciting project which certainly helped carved out a new format for brands to connect to a specific audience with their products.