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Making Regalia with Juaquin Lonelodge

Making Native American regalia.

  1. Making Regalia - Show #003

    Show #3. On this episode, Juaquin finishes the tipi appliqué project. On our next program, Juaquin will begin to explore the wonderful world of beading. Stay tuned.

  2. Making Regalia - Show #004

    On this episode, Juaquin Lonelodge gives viewers an overview of beading. Regalia relies heavily on beadwork to provide the colorful detail that adds so much to these garments.

  3. Making Regalia - Show #005

    Juaquin (JR) Lonelodge continues his first lesson on beading. Watch as JR departs just a bit from traditional construction methods to ensure durability. So grab a needle, some thread and beads and delve into beading with Juaquin!

  4. Making Regalia - Episode 7 - Continuation of Jingle Dress

    Juaquin continues to show us how to construct a jingle dress. There is a lot of detail that goes into this piece of regalia. But Juaquin takes us through the process step by step and shows us everything we need to know about making a jingle dress.

  5. Making Regalia - Episode 8 - Conclusion of Jingle Dress

    On this episode, Juaquin wraps up construction on the jingle dress. It turned out beautiful and one like it will sure look great on that special little girl in your life. These techniques also apply to those grown up ladies in your life as well. Guys, if Juaquin can create beautiful regalia using a sewing machine, you can too. He will demonstrate the proper use of these machines on a future episode.

    On our next episode, Juaquin will begin a project for the little male powwow dancer. Stay tuned and many ha'hou's!
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  6. Making Regalia - Episode 9 - Boy's Fancy Apron

    On this episode, Juaquin begins construction on a boy's fancy apron.

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